Extend your competitive edge by staying current on Guidewire via upgrades.

With Guidewire becoming the leading platform for Claims, Billing and Policy Administration, successful upgrades have become increasingly more important to carriers of all sizes. Successful upgrades can lead to significant increases in performance and effectiveness across all functional areas of your organization. Blackcomb can provide your team with a clear roadmap for understanding key requirements for delivering successful upgrades. Blackcomb’s Upgrade team can deliver an efficient, low-risk plan that will maximize your Guidewire ROI. Our exceptional proficiency in Guidewire upgrades can help you stay up to date. Blackcomb’s industry-leading upgrade capability relies on a practical and thorough approach that has delivered outstanding results for our customers.

Upgrade Assessment

Upgrade Assessment is the first step in the planning process to address impacts on infrastructure, databases and architecture. This enables us to minimize any and all risks once the project has started, identify the right resources and confirm the readiness of the current application for the upgrade. This process also helps uncover any potential data conversion issues.

Upgrade Development

Our development methodology follows an agile process that has been optimized for Guidewire upgrade projects. Daily scrums, sprint demos and retrospectives help the team deliver incremental progress that stakeholders and project management can easily validate. Upgrade tools are leveraged to best deliver efficiency. Business teams are continuously engaged and consulted.

Upgrade Testing

Blackcomb relies on an overarching, risk-based testing strategy in close collaboration with all parties involved. The testing strategy is developed, reviewed, approved during the planning phase of the project, and includes functional testing, integration testing (interfaces/APIs), regression testing (application), end to end testing, UAT.

Data Model

Data Model configuration includes setting up data model extensions (entities and fields, typelists) and their relationships. The data model track in the upgrade project carefully manages all the upgrade-related issues as they impact the data model from current version to the desired version. The team adheres to the best practices for an optimal data upgrade.